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Bosch RefinemySite and The Lean Builder

Joe Donarumo and Keyan Zandy of The Lean Builder

Here at Bosch RefinemySite, we seek to represent the same caliber of quality and same mission of improving the AEC sector as The Lean Builder. By together promoting Lean practices that improve productivity, increase safety, and strengthen teams, we strive to make sure that construction's future will surpass all our expectations and ensure that there is empowered collaboration on all project sites.

As Lean awareness continues to grow, Bosch RefinemySite is excited to announce the partnership with Joe Donarumo and Keyan Zandy over at The Lean Builder. We are more committed than ever to creating value for the men and women in the field by remaining focused on the people, understanding their issues, and creating a digital solution to address them.

“To me Bosch RefinemySite is such a meaningful piece of software because it truly does create value for the men and women in the field putting the work in place and it's predicated and built off of the same principles of last planner system that Keyan and I wrote in our book,” says Donarumo, vice president of Lean operations at Linbeck and co-author of The Lean Builder.

Innovating to shape the future of construction

“There has been a lot of great Lean technology that's come out and existed but nothing quite like Bosch RefinemySite,” adds Zandy, CEO of Skiles Group and co-author of The Lean Builder. “Where I think the value of a big multi-billion dollar international firm like Bosch coming into the space and investing a ton of time and money into Lean, it is really moving the whole industry. You know, I've noticeably seen a difference in the awareness of people wanting to try to implement Lean. And I feel like with what we're doing with the Lean Builder brand and how we're trying to change the industry and move the needle, mixed in with what Bosch is able to provide, it's really allowing us to move twice as quick.”

“This is positively impacting the construction industry overall. RefinemySite shares many of the same values as the Lean Builder, therefore we're extremely proud of our collaboration and working together to further improve the construction field,” says Karina Kuyek, customer success manager at Bosch RefinemySite.

Watch the video to hear more about our vision.